Monday, February 23, 2009

tick, tick, tick

Just a few more days 'til ACC! I've had a stomach ache for a week and I'm not sure if it's related, I never get this before a show unless I have to get up too early to get there. For that matter, I wonder if I am the only person that gets sick from getting up too early?! I've been working like mad to get everything glazed, I have a 3 part process and right now I just have one more kiln load to dip (the 3rd part) clean, and fire. I did run into a little glitch, I have 2 new and cracked kiln shelves. So, I am waiting on one kiln to cool then, I can use a few of the shelves and jam pack the other with platters and dinner plates. The good news is that my new kiln has an auto firing called "fast glaze" and it works perfectly with my pots (thank god!!!) I ran a jam packed high fire (^6) in 8:35 hours. My old, yet still lovely manual kiln can take about 12 hours to reach temperature. Ah, new kiln bliss. It was racing so fast to temperature that I was a bit nervous but the results were beautiful. I will post a picture or 2 before I head down to baltimore. I have a one new design that I am in love with and I still need to share the new tree top vases with you.

Today while I wait alllll day long for the kiln to cool, I will finally have time to work on my display and hopefully print bags. I use a gocco to print my logo and a little bird on the recycled kraft paper bags I pack the pots into for customers. And I can sew up a new table cloth and hopefully a new sign.

I will also be shipping out all pending orders today (unless you just ordered in the past few days) So look out for your mugs, tea cups, bowls, platters and vases : ) They are all flying out today!


jules said...

argh, I get that nauseous stomach thing when I haven't gotten enough sleep too. it sucks. Good luck this week and at ACC, can't wait to see all the new designs!

Jen C said...

I've felt that way for many years ... an ersatz morning sickness. My doctor at the time said to eat something light, like saltines, to help it go away. I'm glad I'm not the only one either!

Ironically enough, however, I visited my current doctor yesterday since I've felt sick for a few weeks ... and he told me I'm pregnant! "Haven't you felt nauseous"?, he innocently asked. "Yes, for the past 12 years," I replied. "This is 'normal' for me!"

Best of luck on the show! You'll do great! I think some of your mugs will be showing up on our baby registry ...

Little Flower Designs said...

Thanks Jules, it does stink to have the stomach thing, so thanks for letting me know I'm not alone. My mister thinks it's funny, hmrf!

Jen, Congrats!!!! What wonderful news : ) I'm hoping it's just nerves for me, so the saltines are packed - I've been eating them all week and the crumbs are everywhere ; )

Have a great weekend you 2!