Friday, February 6, 2009

my week

I've been in the studio nearly all of my awake hours this week. I put together a little collage above to share what is going on in there! Clockwise from top left:
  • i filled my bakers rack from top to bottom on every shelf for the first time ever (this picture didn't quite capture that!)
  • you asked, I answered, mugs WITH handles
  • Marley in the snow showing off her big ears
  • brushes for glazing
  • my beautiful new kiln is now up and running

I now have 19 work days until AltCraft so the making is in overdrive. I am so honored to have been selected for this show and for this section that I want to make an amazingly strong showing. I even bought fabric to make a new table cloth and hopefully a new sign. I know we are at the weekend but I think I'll just keep working. And for those who think I work too much, please keep in mind that some people take pottery classes to relax, just imagine how blissed out I am in a sea of pots that I created myself. And to look around and see my little business growing from an idea I had 12ish years ago. But here are a few things I do to keep myself centered:

  • yoga in the morning
  • lots of water drinking
  • listening to music while I work
  • play breaks & walks with Marley
  • 7-8 hours of sleep each nite
  • im-ing with friends
  • enjoying what I do

Have a terrific weekend, work or play!
xoxo, Linda

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