Sunday, January 11, 2009

list maker

I'm quite the list maker. I like crossing things off the list, adding new items on, reading and rereading what I wrote. It's nice to put it all down in pen, then I officially need to do these things I come up with. In the studio the list is ever changing and quite honestly, unrealistic. The list is a mile long, well pages. This year I was a little slow on buying a planner so I had to get the one I wanted a little larger then usual... such is life. I am hoping to fill it with schedules for wedding registries, shows, orders and of use the daily pages for lists! The first thing on my 2009 list was to finish up 2008! check! Now for 2009.


Potterchik said...

I am a somewhat obsessive maker of lists, especially to-do lists. Sometimes I will put somethign I have already done on my daily list, and then cross it off. No kidding.

Little Flower Designs said...

oh geez - i do that too! it's kindof like a diary : )