Monday, January 26, 2009

getting ready for AltCraft

Sorry I've been so quiet, I am quietly in my space getting ready for show season. This is not my normal show season so I am feeling a little off. I am happy to have 2 big shows coming up, it's keeping me quite busy in the studio. I have a few new designs I will share in the coming weeks - I decided that the best way to make the most items with the most care was to focus on forming and etching, then move into glazing so for the next week or 2 I will only be starting objects, in case you wanted to know how I get ready for shows! I will share this as I prepare for AltCraft (in just 4.5 weeks!)
Above are my current favorites, and a focus for the AltCraft show, I LOVE doing the trees and have expanded that pattern onto vases. The vases are going to be so lovely. Every once in a while I can just feel a pattern will be loved and the tree vase is sure to be one of those!
To get ready and keep up with orders - from now until February 26th I am on studio lock down!
But don't worry, I love what I do!

3 comments: said...

lovely! good luck with your shows!

shoshonasnow said...

i don't have any big shows coming up but i'm on lock down as well. orders from 6 different shops and a gallery show in early may. i spent the weekend re-drawing out all my new designs and making lists of what i need to make each day. AHHHH... good luck with the work!! and i can't wait to see the tree vases. i love those greens.

Little Flower Designs said...

Thanks Jeff!

Shoshona, you are one organized lady!!! I made my first realistice production schedule and figured in a few catch up days because I always over book myself - that seems to be doing the trick! Good luck with your shops, where is the show? fun! I need to work on getting into gallery shows... soon!
tree vases are a-coming!