Tuesday, December 16, 2008

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Thank you to everyone who came out the the Craftacular on sunday. We had such a terrific day. From start to finish we were very happy. First, we made it to the city in record time, pulled up, unloaded then my Mr. worked some parking magic and found all day free parking!!! I didn't believe him so I sent him out to check to make sure we didn't get towed, nope! Free parking in NYC! We set up easily, I think I finally have it down. Sold, sold, sold nearly all my pots. Bought and swapped some lovely things. Headed home to a very good beagle lady who we showered with love and toys! Ahh, the Craftacular! And I think we have a little tradition going, for the past 3 years we got out christmas tree the day after the craftacular, nice!

In the studio I'm still working away, the last day I can ship is Friday. If you would like to see what I have left please visit my etsy shop. I'm shipping everything USPS Priority Mail within 24 hours. Etsy is a bit slow right now but I should have everything up by wednesday morning. I have about 3 vases and 3 bowls left that need listings. If you have a pending order (non-registry) it is in the kiln right now and will ship on friday. Except the few people I already contacted - I had my first studio mishap and cracked some tea cups, ugh! I'm trying to keep a good outlook, given the amount of work I've made I feel pretty lucky it's just a few cups.

To sum up, the craftacular was awesome, you can shop my etsy shop for ready to ship items. And I'm just going to keep working until Santa comes.
xoxo, Linda


shoshonasnow said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one still working!! It was so great to meet you on Sunday. My little bird vase is sitting pretty in the living room. Everytime I walk by I pick it up, it's just feels so nice. :)

Little Flower Designs said...

Hi Shoshona! It was great meeting you too! I LOVE my new chicky bowl, and do the same thing, I keep holding it. I hope you get everything done in time for the holidays and get to take some time off. One more glaze load to fire tonight, I'm cutting it close! Then it's dinnerware in time for New Years - so I'll be working like a nut up to the new year. Well kindof! Have a great holiday!!!! Linda