Thursday, November 27, 2008

happy thanksgiving!!!

Dear World,
I wish you a very happy thanksgiving, I know this is our holiday here in the USA but, really, having a day for everyone to give thanks in a non-denominational way is just too lovely not to share. So in whatever way you can, please say a thank you to those you love, those you pass in the streets, those who cross your mind, the people and animals that make your day special. And for those that like to make the world a not so nice place, please change. No one understands your violence, your threats, or your incredibly intimidating presence. We all just want to live a nice life here on our planet. And to the polluters of our home, please stop. To those that are doing their part in cleaning up, a huge thank you from me, I'm just one little potter but it means so very much to me that you are creating better ways for all of us to live lighter on our beautiful earth.

I hope you are all able to gather with family and friends to enjoy a peaceful day and to appreciate what you have. I am especially thankful this thanksgiving to spend it with my family, the first one in many years that we are able to be together. A special thank you to my parents for moving east this summer and to mom for cooking! I am so happy to have you nearby : ) And to everyone that supports my little biz, THANK YOU for helping me live my dream - and making my parents proud of their little artist!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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