Friday, August 1, 2008

thinking of cooler temps!

I just bought new boots for fall and winter, a nice warm pair to wear with everything! This has me thinking about the holidays and a nice little gift I make, the Table Lovelies. I can often be heard saying "thank god for table lovelies" after each show and when any holiday is coming up! They make such a sweet gift and are so handy, you'll certainly need a set for yourself. We use one every morning by our coffee make so we can share a spoon to stir and keep the counter clean! They are so lovely on the table (hence the name) and give you and your guest's a place to put tea bags, spoons or really any utensil. A knife rest maybe! I sell them in sets of 4 in nice little gift boxes, all cute and gift ready!

I just update my site with the new color - sunshine! It is to replace the old orange I was using, I'm so happy with the new color and how it fits in with the poppy, lilac and turquoise. If you'd like a set, you can order them here on my site. And if you type "blog" in the comments at check out, I'll send you an orange lovely as a bonus - so you'll get 5 lovelies for the price of 4!

Have a very happy weekend, do something summery! It's going by so quickly.
xoxo, Linda

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Tracey said...

Very cute idea. One never knows where to put that sugar spoon!