Tuesday, August 19, 2008

platters - check!

Good week to you internet! Just 2 more weeks of summer, well for those who end summer on labor day! I've been a busy little potter the past few weeks and now the fruit of that labor needs to be formated, written about, and put in the Little Flower Shop for all to see, and buy! A girl can hope, right?! I do have the platter page up an running, I changed things up a bit and decided to do individual item pages again. The multi item pages just didn't highlight the work well enough. Next up will be bowls and tea cups and if I have time today, vases!! In the studio it's all about plates. I tweaked the design of the plates and new samples had to be made. And hooray, I also tweaked the round platter design and it worked out very well so they will be available again in the coming weeks. Did I ever mention how slow ceramics can be? That's why we all have longer turn around times than other crafts.

Since it's summer and I'm finally done with shows I've taken some time on the weekends to visit with family and enjoy the weather. And much more of that is coming so my postings might be a little more sporadic than usual. We have lots of visiting to do and some nice summery day trips planned to the beach, the mountains, also movies, miniature golf, picnics, well, you know the kinds of things that make summer special! And if I can convince the Mr. some bike riding will happen!!

Be sure to get out there and enjoy summer, fall will be here to snuggle with soon enough!
xoxo, Linda


daisy janie said...

Love the bold red with the blue birdie!

Patricia Griffin said...

Platter is delightful... Appreciated your comment about how slow ceramics can be. I'm really starting to accept that if I think it's going to take me 4 hours, it's really 8, or maybe 12...

Little Flower Designs said...

Thank you Daisy Janie!

Patricia, it's not even just the work time but the drying time, cooling time, dang that looks terrible I need to re-do it time! haha!! I'm glad we're in it together!