Friday, July 11, 2008

counting down to Artscape!

One glazed, oh so many more to do! My to-do list is insanely long, I have a habit of setting impossible goals. I wanted to make 40 serving bowls and 20 platters but I will have more like 20 of the bowls and 12 platters. I had to stop making new work on tuesday because I just can't get it all etched/drawn, apply the 3 layers of glaze, fire it all twice and have it all cooled and packed in time for the show. So, here I am after staying up until 2am last nite, however the first of 4 firings is happening right now!!! It's almost noon and I'm just heading back into another very long day of glazing. However, it's all worth it when I see my pretties sitting on the shelf ready to go to market!
A new bird bottle vase and a few more with the anemone inspired flower that I'm loving. All hand etched with 3 layers of glaze on creamy white, hand thrown stoneware!
Have a wonderful weekend - can you guess what I'm doing this weekend??
xoxo, Linda


ileana said...

Oh, I love the anemone vase. The colors just pop! So pretty.

Patricia Griffin said...

Love the freshly thrown forms and your glazing. Definitely looks like you're on a roll! Don't work too hard this weekend!

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Little Flower Designs said...

Thanks Ladies! Your comments are encouraging!!