Friday, June 6, 2008

studio days

Happy friday internet! It's show season and my focus is making, then making and maybe a little more making! Here are some shots from the last 2 weeks, it was mainly finishing work.

Have a lovely weekend, I'm off to do a bit of gardening, flea marketing, craftshow shopping, studio making and of course, lots of dog walking and playing in between.


Patricia Griffin said...

Hi Linda - What an impressive collection! Your productivity is inspiring. I recently set up my own studio/gallery and am finding it a challenge to make enough work for the shelves. Thanks for sharing your images and experiences!

erinn said...

I can't believe I missed you at the art star craft bazaar. Hope you had a good show. It sounds like Sunday's weather made up for Saturday.

Little Flower Designs said...

hi patricia, thanks! my secret is that i don't sleep, just kidding, i work hard and try to take little breaks so i don't get too worn out. I also work in cycles where I make a ton of forms thrown and slab built then i spend endless hours etching in my designs. then the cycle of glazing starts as i slowly load the kiln, i try to group things by height so that they fit properly in the kiln, it's a labor of love and i also never feel like i have enough work.
i'm off to find your blog! thanks for commenting!

hi erinn!!!! dang! hopefully i'll run into you soon, i need to get caught up on your blog : )