Wednesday, April 2, 2008

oh spring!

Are you obsessing over spring today? What to plant in the garden, what grows well in the shade? Pretty-ing up the patio? These are things that roll thru my head as I make my way into the studio.

Also, I am figuring out how to add a web catalog to my site, and have taken many group pics to show how to build a little set. I love this combo, first because it is a huge improvement over my old sushi platters, this one is bigger (7 X 10) and has a nice foot so it floats on the table! It is also big enough to use for serving but not too big to use for yourself! And add in a tea cup to make a dessert set, or even breakfast. Next up will be making some pretty food to style into the shots! The Mr. will love that!

Have a happy day!
(platter, tea cup)

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