Saturday, February 16, 2008

sneak peek & working out the kinks!

Testing wares can sometimes take time, the vases are a sneak peek of the type of designs I am working on. The inspirtation is mainly from pine cones but seems to be seen on birds and fish. Not to leave out textile design and of course flowers. It is complimented with my fence pattern which is something I doodle all the time. It's a good way to divide up a page when sketching or when making notes. It also works well on grocery lists, when you need to visit more than one store!

I 've been quiet the past week, busy making samples and working out kinks in color, firing and process. I feel close to showing an entire new line of wares that I feel reflect my natural drawing instincts. And somehow it all still feels like little flower. I was reading the book Craft Inc. , in the section that they interview Jonathan Adler he talks about descriptive words for his work, a motto maybe? I came up with my 3 words to make sure what I am designing is what I'm actually aiming to do. They are "sweet, lovely and modern" which is my new tag, I also added handmade for obvious reasons! I will be back soon with another peek into the studio, I have a little side project going on that I am very excited about and I hope you will be too!


caitlyn said...

The vases look beautiful!

daisyjanie said...

They're very nice...pat yourself on the back!

lisa {milkshake} said...


{ps - I tagged you. Write 7 things about yourself, tag others and link back to me.}