Sunday, December 9, 2007

i heart nyc

The Bust Holiday Craftacular was such a success! Thank you to the Bust staff who put on a great show which was packed all day and from what I heard had to turn people away! craziness! It was a sea of indie goodness. and thank you to each and every customer that choose my wares for their holiday presents and to those who stopped to chat. I couldn't have done the show without Mr. Little Flower's help, not only did he get up early on his day off to drive me and all my breakable's up to NYC (and he hates the city!) he stayed with me all day and helped with sales. He also put his truck in a valet garage (which he NEVER does) so he could stay with me. What a sweetie! I don't know if he'll wander onto my blog but thank you honey!! and of course many thank you were said all day!

I'm still recoving today but will resume all Little Flower Holiday Rush activities tomorrow afternoon. Tonite I'm side tracked with some holiday card making, it's a gocco mess in the studio right now! Tomorrow I plan to do one last web update and will be adding some lovely vases that I made for the holiday shows and a few tea pots.

I hope you're taking it easy on this lovely sunday nite!


taryn hipp said...

josh was so against the valet parking too. he came back all "they parked my car"! like it was my fault! haha.

Little Flower Designs said...

guys are so funny with that! but steve has a big truck so i don't blame him, although the $20 suv surcharge was insane!

Charmed said...

I bought two of your pieces, but should have bought more because now I want to keep them instead of giving them away :)

Little Flower Designs said...

awwww charmed! your so sweet!