Monday, November 19, 2007


Funny how time flies! I've been glazing non-stop for days now. My work table has been jam packed with pots, table lovelies and ornaments. A few of the ornaments are getting alot of love so I'll be sure to make more of them. Of course the Just Friends pattern is a favorite and the goldfish has been swimming off as well. A few people have asked what I meant by "a batch of ornaments" the batch pictured is 36 ornaments 12 of each design. So I guess 36! But that is a large batch that requires hours of glazing. And I have to say, I am very happy with my 2007 ornaments, I thought about this all summer and went back and forth over "holiday" styles or to format my designs into ornament shapes and I'm happy I choose this route.

It's quite late and I'm waiting for the kiln to shut off (so I can turn off the exhaust fan) I love this quiet time on a rainy sunday nite. It's my time to get a few thing done that I enjoy but have been putting off. A little sketching, knitting, tv, and blogging. Ah! happiness.

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