Thursday, October 18, 2007


Dear Blog,
It's thursday and as I stated a few weeks ago I would update you on what is going on in the studio. Well, its grey(grey clay!) in the studio, I've been working hard on orders and reworking a few of my designs. I've also been making holiday ornaments for the upcoming Art Star ornament show. I'll be posting some pictures next week of at least 3 new designs and hopefully I'll have some one of a kind pieces as well.

The studio is a mess and today I will need to unpack my show bins and get organized. Which includes taking a real inventory of what I have. My to-do list is insanely long but, what I'd really like to do is clean out my closet because there seems to be too much old office type clothing and I need to buy some cool fall/winter pieces. That's part of the distraction of working from home! The good thing though is that the dishes are done and Marley is content so I have some time to breathe.

I am finally done with craft shows for a bit, my next one isn't until December 1st when I'll head down to Baltimore for the Holiday Heap show. I am hoping to make a nice weekend out of it since we haven't been away this year and we're really starting to feel it. Any Baltimore suggestions? hotels? stores? sites? We love seafood and I know of one nice place on the waterfront but would love to know more. I don't know the name of the restaurant but its in a cedar shingled building!

So now that I have a good 6 weeks to settle into the studio I am hoping some fresh work will emerge and hopefully a fresh blog too! Well, dear stale blog, thank you once again for reading and I'll be back soon.
xoxo, Linda


lisa {milkshake} said...

I dread unpacking and taking inventory!

I've been wanting to go to the American Visionary Museum in Baltimore for the longest time. Friends of mine have gone and said it's incredible.


that's a great museum...I was there last november... Linda- you have to will enjoy it!
I got married at the hyatt 13 years ago and stayed there again last november.. it's good...Fells Point is a really fun area... neighborhoody- fun little can go to Bertha's Mussels ...I wouldn't do the true Harborplace experience... cheezy touristy... unless you are in the mood...Lexington Market is fun...Federal Hill is right near the museum....etc... I grew up in Baltimore County.

Little Flower Designs said...

Hi Lisa and Judi, Thanks so much for the ideas! Steve and I are getting excited to head down and check it out - its been awhile but the last time we went, we only did the touristy things and watched the water! xoxo, Linda