Friday, February 9, 2007


A new design and a new form for a new year! First up is the new Soaring Swallow Polka Dot Dinner Plate, I am so pleased with this plate I am going to make a few just for me! I also have bowls and tea cups to match. And for everyone who has asked if I can do my Just Friends pattern on a plate, here it is! I have the plates set at an introductory price right now and they are only available through my website. The price will go up but, for now, please get your orders in : )

I have also added a little something to the site at a super low price ($15) the One Scoop Birdy Bowl this little bowl is clearly a souvenir of the Just Friends pattern for everyone that wants a little friendliness in the palm of their hand! The price won't be $15 forever so order away on this one too - I have a big old batch in the works and they will be ready to ship by Feb. 19th. I just might cap the making at 100 one scoop bowls, I'm still deciding on that.

Puppy news for anyone interested! Miss Marley is doing good, she's settled in nicely and we are working on her training. She has the concept of being a good girl down but still needs to work at it. She lost at least 4 of her puppy teeth this week so she's had it a bit rough and is biting everything in her own lady-like manner. She hasn't damaged anything and seems to love all her toys (which are mostly toys I bought for Healy even though he wasn't feeling well enough to play with them, he would be super pleased that his little sis is having so much fun with them, he was the best at sharing!)

Studio! the re-stocking of the site is coming along and I have more new designs to introduce. I am working to balance out everything so I feel creative and renewed while filling orders. This year I am going to be adding a one-of-a-kind category to the site for larger items like platters and serving bowls.

Me! I am trying to be a healthier girl. So ommmmmmmmmmm, yep, trying to do yoga everydayish and meditate. This is required when you have a new puppy in the house! And once it gets above freezing, I can take Miss Marley on long walks - I used to walk Healy all the time - so much that people thought I didn't work! haha! I am wondering if those same people will notice that I have a different beagle. Oh, and a funny! A woman in my neighborhood thinks I am both my mom and daughter! So, I guess some days I look pretty old and others incredibly young.

Have a great weekend! and be sure to look at my site. xoxo, Linda

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